Windows 10 для Samsung AtivS

Windows 10 для Samsung Ativ-S (I8750)


В официальном твитер-блоге Lumia говорится что все устройства с ОС WP8 получат обновление для Wp10:

This time, I don’t expect a Microsoft clarification. Instead, I believe that the firm has been quietly stepping back from its initial pledge to update “all” Windows phones that meet certain criteria (Windows Phone 8.1 OS, basically) to Windows 10. And this is just the latest step in that effort, which will leave off many low-end devices, in particular those with less than 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB of storage.

An obvious question is "Why is it taking so long, why not upgrade all phones at once?" There are two reasons, the biggest being that Windows 10 Mobile is only now just being finished off - there are still oddities and glitches being ironed out, even for top end phones with the latest chipsets. There's a good chance that the Lumia 950, 950 XL and 550 will launch with an OS that's largely bug free (and with numerous Store updates to follow through December to polish things up further), but I'd go no further than that.

The next stage is much harder - to send out an update that will upgrade users firmly established in Windows Phone 8.1, with all applications, data and settings, and to see them upgraded with minimal disruption and without mass calls to helplines and general support. On the Insiders Programme, I've said many times that Windows 10 Mobile is much smoother and solid when a hard reset has been done at some point in the flashing process - Microsoft doesn't have that luxury for 'normobs', who won't have a good handle on where all their data is and how to recover if things suddenly look empty or different. Microsoft has to get it right first time.

In one day the phone filled my µSD card with unknown stuff so that there was no space left on it to the end of the day. Out of 3 Gbytes of free space I've had when I installed the build.

Among the devices that will not receive the Windows 10 Mobile upgrade, it looks like Microsoft included some Lumia smartphones as well.



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